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Reported that 5 invalid victims of Agent Orange live in this house without a water connection or toilet

Ba Tang Project Update

MiVAC is presently administered by a Board chaired by Brian Boon, Peter Perry is the Vietnam Project Coordinator whilst Lyn Clark does every thing else that the boys can’t do.  Merv Hains handles the treasury.  We all have had , coincidently, some military experience with 2 of us having served

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Phoukhood District – Red Letter Day

Folks I thought your good friend Geoff might appreciate the attached photos. His very generous donation paid for 6 kitchen work benches and 18 beds all made by a local “craftsman”, a mattress, blanket, pillow and mosquito net for each bed, drums and dippers for the 2 showers and 2 toilets, floor mats

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“The Cyclist & The Singer” – “Tour Demine”

  David Murray arrived back to Sydney yesterday Monday 8th September 2014 safe and sound. That was quite an achievement for a 69 year old cyclist who was nearly killed when he was side swiped by a semi trailer at Penong in 2012. The road from Canberra to Sydney was

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The Cyclist and The Singer

Mateship This is a story about two Vietnam veterans, David Murray and Clarence Ormsby who met by chance in a caravan park north of Pine Creek a few hundred kilometres south of Darwin in July 2012. It is a story about two men an Australian and New Zealander who became

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Changeover of Volunteers at MiVAC House, Lao

Changeover of Volunteers at MiVAC House, Lao June 25 saw the arrival of Lee and I at MiVAC House in Phonsavan in Xieng Khouang Province, Lao. Following a much appreciated airport pick up by Malcolm and Vicky Cowan (the outgoing Volunteers) we enjoyed an orientation tour of the town of

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MiVAC Beaten in Regional Petanque Tournament

Article for MiVAC Newsletter – Ban Ang – Na Luang Section Police Station MiVAC BEATEN IN REGIONAL PÉTANQUE TOURNAMENT During the last MiVAC project (known as Phase 2) in Laos, MiVAC assisted the Chief of Police (Mr Boun Mee) of the Phoukood District by donating materials and labour to supply

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