Xe Ban Fai District UXO Activities, Lao PDR

Phoenix Clearance Limited, (PCL), at the request and with the support of MIVAC conducted a short UXO Response Team action project to remove potentially life threatening UXO (UneXploded Ordnance) from Houayyen Village Xe Ban Fai District Khammouane Province Lao PDR.

The PCL team which consisted of 1 x Expat EOD Technical Field Manager and 5 x UXO Disposal Technicians and 1 x Trauma medic and a driver conducted 7 days of disposal activity resulting in the destruction of 65 potentially life threatening UXO.

The village was extremely grateful that someone had finally come to remove the UXO after years of the village reporting to the authorities and other clearance working in the area.

The villagers were highly appreciative of the MIVAC/PCL effort that has considerably reduced the potential for UXO accident in the village by removing some of the surface UXO. They say that they now have a better understanding of the threat that the UXO poses and the action required personally to reduce the threat. They also have an understanding of what would be required to completely remove the UXO threat from their land and as such have requested that MIVAC/PCL return and assist them by removing sub-surface UXO from the rice fields and surrounds.



PCL bomb disposal movie (3MB download)