Call to Volunteers – Vietnam 2023

As outlined in our recent newsletter, the MiVAC team visited the Quang Tri Province of Vietnam in early 2017 to carry out an initial feasibility study into the provision of running water to needy villages and schools. A subsequent visit in 2019 allowed us to develop a design and to secure funding ready to start work in the Ba Tang Commune near Khe Sanh, but then COVID hit!
Now, with very few COVID cases in Vietnam, we are ready to start work and Peter Perry is primed to arrive in Vietnam on 31 January 2023. Peter’s priorities are employing a candidate for the role of Administration Manager and setting up a MiVAC office/home in Khe Sanh. The project is expected to last for at least 3 years.
Once the project setup is completed, Brian Boon will deploy from Brisbane for three months to kick-off the project.
MiVAC is seeking expression of interest for volunteers to deploy to Vietnam as the “Operations Manager” in 2023. Approximate deployment dates, which include hand-over and take-over periods, are:
– 14 May to 12 August; and
– 1 August to 3 November
The wet season will last roughly from 1 November to 31 December. We would be looking for more volunteers to start in early 2024.
Whilst we’re happy to work with volunteers on dates that work for us all, due to visa restrictions, we would be looking for deployments of up to 3 months (including handover periods).
To register your interest, please click here.