Phoukood District Village Development Project Update

WORKS UPDATE (26th December 2015)


Would you believe that a site visit yesterday was somewhat spoiled by persistent steady rain. It continued most of the day and into the evening to make for a somewhat soggy but nevertheless, very enjoyable Christmas Day.

Ban Souy Noi

  • Weir and headworks tank have been completed and the main supply line has been installed.
  • Storage tank walls have been poured and formwork will be stripped next week. Lid will be poured next week.
  • Two of the six water points are complete and the remaining four bases have been poured.
  • An additional 100m x 40mm pipe is required to direct the overflow water from the storage tank away from the centre of the Village to a nearby water course.
  • The Project will be close to completion by the end of next week

Ban Vangkham

  • The problem we had with the highest water point which lost flow/pressure when lower WP’s were opened, was eventually solved by providing an additional 300m of pipe to provide a single dedicated supply from the tank.
  • The Health and Training programme is planned for mid January.

Ban Chomesy Souy

  • An initial payment from RI has been promised in the next few days, with the balance to be paid by end of January.
  • Work will commence in the first week of 2016!

Ban Houad

  • A return visit is scheduled for early January to sign the Village Contract.
  • The BOM and schematic drawings have been prepared and reviewed by BB. They will be forwarded to PDPHD next week