Reported that 5 invalid victims of Agent Orange live in this house without a water connection or toilet

Ba Tang Project Update

MiVAC is presently administered by a Board chaired by Brian Boon, Peter Perry is the Vietnam Project Coordinator whilst Lyn Clark does every thing else that the boys can’t do.  Merv Hains handles the treasury.  We all have had , coincidently, some military experience with 2 of us having served in the Vietnamese/US war.

MiVAC has secured the financial backing, produced the plan and is ready to get cracking on our 3-year project to supply gravity fed clean water to 9 villages and 10 schools (including school toilets) in the Ba Tang Commune just South of Khe Sanh, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam which will markedly improve the lives of some 5,000 people.  This area has its own unique problems such as a proliferation of unexploded bombs, disabilities caused by Agent Orange and recently discovered water contamination by Glyphosate.

COVID has put our start date back some 12 months to date however there is some movement afoot which could see us start the administrative set up phase as early as August 2021. We are presently waiting for COMINGO Vietnam to approve our Working Permit which will then allow us to set up bank accounts etc..

Once COMINGO approval has been gained we then need to obtain special approval to enter Vietnam along with approval to leave Australia. Due to the uncertainties caused by COVID, the advance party will be manned by those with limited family commitments as return dates may well be problematic.