More input from Matt Pittendreigh

Fish Security

MiVAC is experimenting with the density of fish that can be grown in an artificial environment – a concrete tank. We have a long way to go before we can pass on to the locals of how they can make money growing and selling fish.

The fish that was supposed to be in the tank started from Tilapia Fingerlings. What we finished up with were Cat Fish! Cat Fish are carnivorous and in a confined space they will win by eating everything they can catch – plus all the fish food. Tilapia are fast growing Vegetarians.

Was this the only issue? Oh no! Here is a snippet of Matts report “XXXX (name deleted) is also the informant of the group letting me know that he had seen the Policeman stealing fish. I found fishing line and hooks hidden in the bushes. This policeman was replaced by a higher ranking policeman from the district who seemed to have a much higher moral standard.”

So have a look at the pictures and you’ll see what we have had to do to keep our fish safe!

If anyone has a knowledge of growing Tilapia in confined spaces then MiVAC is all ears!

Fish Security Cover 2 Fish Security Cover 3 Fish Security Cover