Matt Pittendreigh – A Ban Xai Volunteer.



 Water and Toilets for Pong Hor School


Matt Pittendreigh is a Military Engineer – a Sapper is a better name. He met

Sandy MacGregor in his Combat Engineer Regiment just before his deployment

to Afghanistan. Over a few beers in the canteen Sandy talked about MiVAC.

When Matt had completed his deployment and was out of the Army his interest

was once again sparked in volunteering his time at Ban Xai.  In June Matt

met with Sandy in Thailand and then spent a month at Ban Xai for MiVAC.


In Matts words he said (amongst other things), “I was also lucky enough to

participate in the construction of toilets and installation of a water tank

at Pong Hor school. These toilets and water source will assist the children

greatly providing some sanitary means of dealing with human waste.”


Pong Hor school is for 6 to 8 years old and they must spend a year here

before they go to Ban Xai Primary. The pictures are self-explanatory and

show Matt at work. Pong Hor is a sub-village of Ban Xai

.Some Young Onlookers at School Task Bricks for School Toilet  Bricks 2 for school toilet Mixing Mortar for the brick construction The septic system hole Toilet Pan The toilet Septic Hole The toilet Carrying the 200 l tank for rain water - connected to toilet