Ban Xai News 24th March.

The Ban Xai  MiVAC community is flourishing , the watermelon seed have  sprouted as have the snow peas and the bananas look fantastic and the pumpkins have many flowers —– we have reticulated water so no more carrying of watering cans …… David is putting together a sprinkling system which should cover the old and the new planting rows and the bananas have their own drip system.

We have planted some more Asian veges as well.

I follow Mr Feung and his gardening instructions , you know the Hmong are the best gardeners in the world so when I get home I will be able to grow some good stuff with the experience I am acquiring.

The school has water for the children and staff and the toilets are in use as well ,much excitement.

Everything is in place for a water point at the school village which should happen next week .

The policeman will be moving into his new house tomorrow great joy and we are having a celebration where the community will be invited on Saturday.

The fellas are really working hard on the pig pen . The best looking pig pen this side of the Darling Downs  I might add.

The days are getting hotter with no rain in sight the evenings stay beautifully cool under the wonderful northern sky.

David and I are building a chicken coop this weekend or mapping an area for one. John bought some chicken wire today . A few girls to chat with will be good especially if they lay eggs and gobble the scraps.

The resort development continues with the establishment of a volley ball court the challenges will be out, Mivac against the Lao champions, a real challenge. We hope to establish a four team competition within the district.

I am still not cooking with gas but the biodigester is producing the best fertilizer.The taps are turned ,the pooh is stirred and the manometer is monitored but to no avail . the bio are having a bit of a holiday.But we are very hopeful.

About Mr Feung – this young man of twenty nine who is a great worker with ambition and enthusiasm had the fingers of his left hand blown off. As a boy of twelve he was very inquisitive as young boys of that age are when he came across a rocket propelled grenade  and with a bit of a poke it went off and the after blast took off his fingers . This is no way a disability as he can do everything with the palm and the remaining digit his thumb .

We continue to enjoy this lifestyle and we feel we are getting closer to the Lao way every day.



Colene & David