MiVAC House in Phonsavan

John Salter is now MiVAC’s volunteer Operations Manager – he has recently taken up residence in Phonsavan – here is an email from John.

Hi All ,

Finally settled into our home in lovely downtown Phonsavan , and am sending a few pics of MiVAC House. and Nui’s garden.

Please note the photo of Nui standing in her garden and also please note the thistle looking plants( about 12 clumps),. Well we both assumed that it was some kind of green stuff that the Lao eat, that was before it flowered into a beautiful pink flower.

Hmmmm a quick look on Google to see what it was and low and behold it is the famous Xieng Khouang Opium Poppy( look it up) Grows wild and the house owner advises that they use it for domestic use to ease pain and to mix with whisky ….

Expecting a visit from either the cops or mafia shortly.

Interesting what…

You are of course all welcome to come visit and try the whisky.

Have a lovely day.

Nui and John