Ban Xai Holiday News March 18th.

Ban Xai Holiday News March 18th.


After a fortnight at Ban Xai we headed into Phonsovan for some supplies and a look around.

Phonsovan is the regional  centre , and it is a busy bustling town nestled in a valley. It was pretty much destroyed during the American war so there is little evidence of a really old town.

The town is thriving with the impression of wealth being generated.  It is in the middle of a building boom new brick houses of a lovely architectural style some very large and ornate. There are new hotels and what appears to be office buildings also under construction. There is a gold/copper mine just out of town which is also bringing money to town and a few Australian miners as well .And of course with a boom come the flash cars 6 Hummers in town I have been told.

The CIA airstrip which really is in the middle of town is now a market /fair area and was busy with entertainment and stalls and of course wonderful Lao food not to mention Lao Beer.We purchased a few goodies and house hold needs , a mop and towels.

Everywhere you look there is a reminder of that time, bomb casings are used for fence posts pot plant holders and house decoration . I am sure there is not an establishment in town that does not have some type of explosive device at its door all safe of course. It certainly is a reminder.

We were taken to the Plain of Jars by Mr Yang on Sunday morning . There are a few sites but this one was very close to town again a heavily bombed area which was cleared by NZ.

The Jars are extraordinary made more so by the fact that their history is unknown ,some had been destroyed but there was a good selection which we strolled through in wonder.

We stayed at an Auberge on top of the hill for two nights and had a great view over Phonsovan , the town the rice paddys and the various lakes . Then back to town for a night closer to the food markets  for our supplies.

We arrived back (home) Ban Xai Monday morning and very pleased to be here away from the bustle and the dust which comes towards the end of the dry and to the peace and quiet other than tinkling cow bells .

Great joy as the police house looks a treat and is having the finishing touches done . The water at the school is working with the other toilet block being connected today. The bananas look healthy but sadly no green shoots at all on the mounds of the vege garden other than a few pumpkins despite watering and I am about to go and raid the pineapple patch they are small due to lack of water but sweet.

The piggery will be worked on tomorrow with some concrete around the drains already done over the weekend so ready for pigs soon .

David and Mr Moua are meeting with the Naiban tomorrow to finalize the water connection points for the villagers including the school village site.

The water testing is a bit like Christmas wondering what the results will be John has given me some surprise samples where he only  knows the source . Lets’ hope they are all clean.

Till the next jottings


Colene & David

PS :My computer is having trouble in transferring photos from the photo folder to the  net I have only been successful once  in attaching. Does anyone have any clues ?