Tank Stand and Shower Block

Tank Stand and Shower Block


Michael Weibler reports;

I selected the site for the header tank stand near the toilet where the water pipe is located. I
will use the tank stand to install a shower underneath and enclose it with a rendered
block wall as per the toilets.

Next day Yang and I priced water tank and concrete posts for header tank, we also got
fittings that we thought would be required to get new pump going. Yang and I returned to
Ban Xai and confirmed tank stand location and design.

Next we had to arrange tank stand timber at local sawmills. We eventually found 6 lengths
of hardwood that were suitable. Holes were dug and with the help of Yang and Moua we
erected the tank stand and installed the header tank. We also installed the gate valves and
T piece in the main line at the tank inlet.

Meanwhile we were having trouble delivering water from the pump because of breaks and
other issues. Got pump working well and it finally filled the tank.  It is working hard to do
it but gets it there nevertheless.  It also means that we will be able to pump to concrete
tanks once constructed.

Michael Weibler and the MiVAC Team.