The Garden that Steve planted at Ban Xai

Before Steve and Dorene Carroll moved on to their well-deserved holiday in July 2012 they planted a garden at the MiVAC  block at Ban Xai. MiVAC eventually wants to have the garden operating as a profit centre for the village. It will be well watered (irrigated in the dry season) and will be fed the manure after the manure has been processed by the bio-digesters which are yet to be built. What comes first – the chicken or the egg? We will need good clean fresh dung for the bio-digesters. You can’t buy it so we need to produce it. To get pig dung we need to have pigs – to have pigs we need to feed them! Hence the garden – started with dried dung that MiVAC was able to buy. The pigs will mainly eat cassava.  Around the facilities building Steve mainly planted vegetables. In the bigger garden Steve planted Corn, Peanuts and Cassava. The corn didn’t grow – it was basically washed out with too much rain. Yang replaced the corn with pineapples. Thank you to Anthony Higgs and to John Tick for the photos.