John Salter- Report on visit by Enrico Beretta, President Parramatta Lions.

  • Enrico Beretta ( that son of a gun) and his  lovely Lao partner Savandaly, arrived on Wednesday. They were here for a two day visit, and stayed at the “Hard Bed Café” or is it just the Nice Guest house. We all went to Bamboozle for dinner and enjoyed a gin and tonic and the odd glass of red wine.  Up early on Thursday, they went to visit Ban Xai and looked at the MiVAC projects in full bloom then travelled a few kilometers more to see Savandalys cousins and have a traditional Lao (late) lunch complete with far too many hot beers. A sleep on the way home and a quiet night. Friday saw them visit the Plain of Jars and other tourist attractions, returning in mid afternoon ( due to rain) for a nap before a night of taste temptation at the local Indian eatery, unfortunately this time without red wine. This was followed by a quiet Friday morning shopping, before catching the Lao freedom bird back to Vientiane to spend more time with friends and relations.

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