First female deminer to neutralise an M14 mine

Here is a story about the lady who found an M14 landmine. Her name is Buasone. She is 35 years old. has 6 children and 5 of whom are girls. The oldest is 20 years old, and the youngest is a boy 10 years old now. She and her husband are farmers. While she is working for PCL, her husband stays at home, looking after kids, tending the garden and looking for food in the jungle. She was originally from Ban Sia not so far away from Ban Say and she moved to her husband in Ban Say after they were married. She said about 12 years ago, her husbands brothers son and 2 of his friends played with a bombie in Ban Sia and it exploded. One was killed, another one broke his leg, and the last one had his intestine cut but the two survived. She said there were a lot of bombies in Ban Sia.

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