We have had some celebrations in Ban Xai over the last week.

On Friday 8th November, we were pleased to sign the certificate of Practical Completion for Phase two of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Lao government (Reduction of Poverty).

The formalities of signing over, it was time to celebrate, and this we did in style on the weekend at the remote mountain village of Hinmou Peung.  It was an opportunity for double celebration; the second reason was that a young lady from the village had just won a new sewing machine, donated by MiVAC, for topping her sewing class at the German Technical College. Balloons were distributed to the kids, a pig was roasted, and a bottle or two of Beer Lao was opened.

The photos are, in order:

  • Delegates from two levels of government discussing the remaining MoU issues. They are Mr Suli from the Poukhoud District Government, and Mr Phetsamone, Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xiengkhouang Province. The third gentleman is our own Lao manager, Mr Yang Xang.
  • The second is of the winning seamstress, Hua Lor (centre), her extended family in Hinmou Peung and the “falang” at the rear is myself.
  • A beautiful relationship between the oldest and one of the youngest members of the village.
  • Extended lunch, which included a variety of food, including BBQ pork, chicken and fried bats.

DSC00936 DSC00928 DSC00926 DSC00917