Donation of Educational Supplies

We (Sandy McGregor, Peter Maroney, Yang and I) arrived at the Ban Xai School (which can be easily seen from the Mivac site as it is “next door”) at 8am, only to be told by Yang that 8 am could really be 8.30am!  The School Director, Boar Hon arrived and we piled all the books and equipment on the main table in the staff room.  The following list details all the items that were handed over:


  1. Set of children’s football jerseys and shorts
  2. Set of children’s volleyball jerseys and shorts
  3. Set of teacher’s volleyball jerseys and shorts
  4. 125 maths sets
  5. Four English teaching books and cards
  6. 20 Year 1 textbooks
  7. 15 Year 3 textbooks
  8. 21 Year 4 textbooks
  9. 30 Year 5 textbooks
  10. 162 Reading books

I would like to thank Richard and Nadeia Romanowski who provided the bulk of the funds that made this donation possible as well as my sister Anne who supplied the English teaching books.  Your names are now listed in the Ban Xai school record book!

We finally had a handing over ceremony of sorts at 8.50am when Yang finally went and got Naiban Dang.  Photos were taken and we then had a school photo of sorts outside.  Naiban Dang then tried to make a speech but was ignored by practically everyone!

Michael Weibler.