Changes in Staffing at Ban Xai




There has been a number of changes in staffing at MiVAC’s Ban Xai project.

Steve Carroll who was Projects Director and Projects Manager has been replaced by Rob Woolley as Projects Director (Rob is MiVAC’s Founding Director or Trustee) and by Michael Weibler as Projects Manager. You might remember that Michael is a Professional Engineer who was MiVAC’s first Project Supervisor at Ban Xai for 2 months from Sep 12.

John Salter, who was MiVAC’s Operations Manager at Phonsavan Feb to Sep 2013, was thanked for his work by both Rob Woolley and Michael Weibler. Hugh Hamlyn Harris has volunteered once again and stepped into the role of MiVAC’s Operations Manager for 2 months Oct and Nov 13. You might remember Hugh, who is a Professional Engineer, taking over from Michael as the Ban Xai Supervisor staying apart from his family over the Christmas and New Year period 2012.

Hugh heard about MiVAC through Lindfield Rotary and when he goes back to Australia he will be vitally involved with Rotary supporting MiVAC in Ban Xai and the Phoukood District.

MiVAC is lucky enough to have another volunteer taking over from Hugh – Peter Cromarty – more about Peter when he gets to Phonsavan.

C Hugh 2010