Tasks for Group Volunteers

Tasks for Group Volunteers

Since MiVAC has been at Ban Xai several humanitarian tasks have been identified that are not in the MiVAC MOU and therefore not in MiVAC’s Project Budget. The tasks still need being done to assist the people.  To facilitate this MiVAC can identify tasks and give an idea of costs and offer some accommodation to volunteers who will raise the funds and carry out the task so identified.

What MiVAC needs is not just the money to do the task but the volunteers who will do the work – remember it is not in MiVAC’s Budget and MiVAC can only do things approved in our MOUThere is always a way around challenges and with the assistance of the Naiban and the cooperation of the relevant District bodies tasks outside the MOU can be accomplished.

What MiVAC will do is to identify tasks. If you or any of your friends can raise the money and do the task as a volunteer then please let us know.

Here are 3 tasks that are required that are NOT in the Budget.

  1. A.      The School at Pong Hor needs:
  2. Guttering on roof – about $150
  3. Water tank and stand – about $700
  4. Building for toilet and water troughs (maybe basins – but they can be taken) – approx $100.
  5. Drop Toilet – means a cost of about $100
  6. A cart of some sort to carry water to water tank – $100 (who knows?)
  7. A Bio Sand Filter and education on how it works plus maintenance. Say $50
  8. Total – about $1200

Comment. One problem at Pong Hor school is that it is higher than the current water tank and that water would have to be carted from the water point to the tank for at least 4 months of the year. Pumps are NOT what we want to do.

  1. The School at Hinmou Peung (HMP) is in need of the same things (except the toilet pan and toilet building) – however water is a much bigger challenge and I reckon carting it is the first solution until we come up with the grand plan.  We also need to develop the school ground a bit with gardens, vegetables, flat play area etc Cost about $1500


  1. The School at Ban Xai is also is in need of
  2. Water (Part of the total village plan)
  3. Water storage – this could be a large (Bio-digester size concrete tank positioned to take guttering run off).
  4. Guttering.
  5. Cartage of Water
  6. Bio Sand Filters and education.
  7. Water storage for toilet flushing
  8. Probably more toilets and hand washing places
  9. Sanitation Education

This is a bigger school and cost of this is estimated to be closer to $5000