The Ban Xai Annual Report – Sandy MacGregor

The Ban Xai Annual Report

In June 2013 John Salter delivered MiVAC’s Annual Report to assembled representatives of Phoukood District and Xiengkhouang MoFA.

The day started at the MiVAC Farm at Ban Xai where Yang gave a briefing of what had been achieved outside the farm. This was followed by John Salter showing the workings of the IDEXX Water Testing Equipment. John showed a dramatic result of water testing which went into the Ceramic Water Filter (CWF) – full of red – and the water testing of the water that came through the CWF – full of light yellow – that is no e-coli and no coliform. In other words pure water.

The next step was for Moua to show the guests around the farm. After that a completed toilet in Pong Hor was shown and then we adjourned to Phoukood District Presentation room where John eloquently delivered a summary of the submitted report. This was followed by all the representatives having a say about working with MiVAC.

We all adjourned at lunch time to the local Phoukod Restaurant where we partook in Lao delicacies.

1. Yang explaining to visitors what MiVAC has done  2. The water going in and the water coming out 4. Inspection of Toilet at Pong Hor 5. Our Policeman 3. At the - waiting to be occupied - pig pen  6. John Salter in full flight on Presentation Day