The Lions Club of Terranora Lakes

  The Lions Club of Terranora Lakes




Lion Peter Maroney from the Lions Club of Terranora Lakes is currently in Lao PDR assisting the MiVAC Trust in their efforts to improve the lives of the impoverished Hmong people of the village of Ban Xai, approximately 30 Klm West of Phonsavan. This area was the location of some of the fiercest fighting and heaviest bombardment during the Secret War associated with the Vietnam War era and much of the country still contains unexploded ordinance and active minefields.

As part of theBan Xai project the MiVAC Trust are establishing a model village to teach the locals improved husbandry and this included the construction of a Biodigestor to recycle animal wasteinto methane gas for cooking & lighting for the production of aquality liquid fertilizer.  They needed to purchase a concrete mixer to take some of the hard work out of construction.

Prior to his departure Lions Peter briefed the club on the project and the members agreed to make a donation of $570 for the purchase of the mixer and Lion Peter is pleased to report that it has been put to good use easing the back breaking task of hand mixing concrete for the biodigestor base and walls and will soon be put to further use completing the biodigestor roof slab, a couple of concrete water tanks and a pigsty. The MiVAC team are most appreciative of the donation



Photo caption :

Lion Peter Maroney, fellow MiVAC volunteer Michael Weibler and local Hmong works Yang and Moua with the mixer on completion of 6 hrs work batching concrete for the biodigestor


Peter Maroney


Lions Club of Terranora Lakes