Wet and Shivering Children and Incinerator

It was the wet season in Xiengkhouang Province – raining almost daily and some days we couldn’t work.

From Matt “Whilst building the toilets at Phoung Hor school one rainy day I noticed that all of the students were soaking wet and shivering. I asked why this was the case and was told that the children could not afford umbrellas. I then drove into town and purchased more than enough umbrellas for every student in the hope that this could provide some shelter for the kids on their walk to and from school.”

At MiVAC Farm there was a need to burn rubbish and this was done over an open fire. Incinerators with a chimney were much more efficient, So Matt built one.  Alongside is a large hole for the burnt rubbish which can progressively be covered with dirt,

Thank you Matt.

Dry Child courtesy Matt Wet Children Incinerator Incinerator 2