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My Dream For the Primary Children of Phoukood District, Lao PDR

In all my travels in Lao PDR and more particularly Phoukood District, which is the District that MiVAC has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with and an Operating Permit, I have not seen anything in the school play grounds.

I was looking at how lucky my grandchildren are. They can spot a playground with “eagle eyes.” Is it difficult to get them to leave? Absolutely! Now they have a cubby and a climbing tower with swings and a slide in their back yard.

I asked my son-in-law about it (he purchased second hand through e-bay and then erected it). Here is the website www.climbingframes.com.au.

My dream is to have these in every primary school in Phoukood District – and why not every school in Lao PDR. A thought could be is that some Lao person could start a business by making them and then, through MiVAC, people or organisations buy them and then they are given to one school at a time – starting with Phoukood District Primary schools.

Any one interested – let me know please.

Sandy MacGregor

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