The Cyclist and The Singer


This is a story about two Vietnam veterans, David Murray and Clarence Ormsby who met by chance in a caravan park north of Pine Creek a few hundred kilometres south of Darwin in July 2012. It is a story about two men an Australian and New Zealander who became friends and will team up together during 2014 – 2018 to help Australians and New Zealanders reignite the ANZAC spirit as they commemorate the centenary of ANZAC.

The Cyclist

In May of 2012 David Murray set out from Narrabeen in Sydney on an Australian bike ride. The aim of the ride was to raise funds for the MIVAC TRUST, an organisation formed by Vietnam veterans, to clear landmines and assist victims of agent orange in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The route David chose took him to Townsville, three ways, Darwin, Broome, Perth and across the Nullabor to Ceduna. Unfortunately, during the ride from Penong to Ceduna David had a run in with a semi trailer which resulted in his being hospitalised, first in Ceduna, then in Royal Adelaide. Needless to say the accident put paid to the bike ride and David returned to Sydney via plane after spending five weeks in Royal Adelaide Hospital. An experience Clarence could well emphasise with as he had spent time in an Australian military hospital in Vietnam when injured at the Battle of Coral when 25 Australians lost their lives.


The Singer

Vietnam veterans are a hardy lot and in August this year David will return to Ceduna, where with the aid of his singer mate Clarence Ormsby, on the 18th August 2014 (Long Tan Day) David will resume his ride home to Sydney via Adelaide and Melbourne. This time David will not be towing a “bob” trailer. Instead he will have a support vehicle driven by Clarence, who in turn will be accompanied by his wife Janet and their poodle dog Pebbles. Along the way Clarence will conduct a number of small fundraising concerts the proceeds of which will be distributed to the two charities the boys support, namely the MIVAC TRUST and the safety of road users.


People can support this iconic ANZAC veterans journey making direct internet deposits to National Bank, 161 BTY RNZA 1ATF, Australia Group BSB: 082755 Account No: 145608375

Sponsorships for 2014 – 2018 ANZACS IN CONCERT projects can be directed to Clarence Ormsby JP NSW, P.O.Box 7072, Mannering Park NSW 2259 Australia. All funds will help young people develop their ability to perform in concert National and International sharing the pride of ANZAC.

Mobile 0447448636……Email:


Long Tan Day, Monday 18th August 2014

Day 1    Ceduna to Poochera           132 kms          Monday 18/8/14
Day 2    Poochera to Kimba            173 kms          Tuesday 19/8/14
Day 3    Kimba to Port Augusta        153 klms         Wednesday 20/8/14
Day 4    Port Augusta to Wakefield    220 klms         Thursday 21/8/14
Day 5    Wakefield to Adelaide        100 klms         Friday 22/8/14
Day 6    Rest Day Adelaide                             Saturday 23/8/14
Day 7    Adelaide to Coonalpine       150klm           Sunday 24/8/14
Day 8    Coonalpine to Bordertown     110 Klms         Monday 25/8/14
Day 9    Bordertown to Horsham        157 klms         Tuesday 26/8/14
Day 10 Horsham to Ballaratt           183 klm          Wednesday 27/8/14
Day 11 Ballarat to Melbourne          125 klms         Thursday 28/8/14
Day 12 Rest Day Melbourne                              Friday 29/8/14
Day 13 Melbourne to Bennalla          200 klms         Saturday 30/8/14
Day 14 Bennalla to Albury Wodonga     125 klms         Sunday 31/8/14
Day 15 Albury/Wondonga to Gundagai    170 klms         Monday 1/09/14
Day 16 Gundagai to Yass               140 klms         Tuesday 2/09/14
Day 17 Yass to Canberra                70 klms         Wednesday 3/09/14
Day 18 Governor General 11.30am Senator O’Neill 8.30am Thursday 4/09/14
Day 19 War Memorial                                    Friday 5/09/14
Day 20 Ian Collard agent orange concert – Canberra     Saturday 6/09/14
Day 21 Canberra to Goulburn           100 klms         Sunday 7/09/14
Day 22 Goulburn to Mittagong           90 klms         Monday 8/0/9/14
Day 23 Mittagong to Sydney CBD        100 klms         Tuesday 9/09/14

David raised $16,000 before he was swiped by a semi trailer at Penong. He has been rehabilitated and ready to revisit Ceduna to finish his fundraising journey Ceduna to Sydney. All funds raised will be donated to MIVAC TRUST to help victims of war in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and other areas. This is an ANZAC tribute project also acknowledging those who served World War One.
This is also an opportunity over the next four years to say thank you to millions of families traumatised by war.

David Murray Mobile 0411292320 The Cyclist – Email:

Clarence Ormsby JP NSW, Mobile 0447448636 The Singer – Email: