Construction of Biodigester underway.

The biodigester is well under way with the hole being dug by the people from the village. Timber, bags of cement and reinforcing material were purchased in Phonsovanh and delivered to site.

The slab was formed up and poured on the 27th October with the help of Michael, Yang and Moua with occasional help from Guy, the policeman on site.

Next the timber for the vertical sections of the biodigester were prepared which included cutting some 124 lengths of timber to varying lengths from 1.5m to 1.9m as well as cutting the plywood sheets into 24 different pieces. We then put all the formwork together with the help of Moua and Guy.

Most of the reinforcing for the biodigester walls have been cut to size and only require bending.

We will soon have the assistance of Peter Maroney who designed the biodigester system. He is with us for a month as a volunteer.

Michael has been relishing the daily task of collecting and turning the manure. Well done to all.

The Ban Xai Team.