The Pump For the Main Water Supply for the MiVAC Site

There is a pond which is 500 metres from the MiVAC block at Ban Xai which is being developed into a Model Farm.  The water is there all-year-round but the site is 20 metres lower than where we want the water. The MiVAC Project Officer, Steve Carroll,  bought a Chinese Pump which had all the correct specifications and laid 500 metres of 40 mm pipe all to no avail because the pump would not do the task! So much for the Specs!

After considerable research (all over Asia and Australia) it was decided that a Davey Pump
with a 6.5 Horse Power Honda motor would do the job. The Wholesale Price (thank you
Davey) of the pump and the Venturi plus Foot valve was $1330. Now we had to get it to
Laos. Col Druce helped (Col had done some volunteer work at Ban Xai for MiVAC); he
introduced Tom Blakewell of B and H Worldwide Pty Ltd who initially quoted $880 to
send the pump to Laos by Fed Ex. Guess what Tom issued an invoice to MiVAC for $242.52
and the pump was delivered to Phonsavan Bus Depot in 6 days. Thank you Tom.

In the meanwhile MiVAC had to pay for the pump and freight. On Vietnam Veterans Day
(18 August) Sandy MacGregor (the MiVAC Patron) was asked to speak at the ceremonies at
Batemans Bay by the Eurobodalla Vietnam Veterans Association. Sandy did this at the
main service and then, at the luncheon, he was invited to speak about MiVAC. During
Sandy’s talk he mentioned the project at Ban Xai and the frustrations with the pump. A big
burly guy strode up to the front of the room and dropped $20 in an empty beer jug. This was
the start – the jug went around the room and raised $605.

Plus, a big thank you to:
Eurobodalla Vietnam Veterans Association for a cheque for $100
Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle Club – Federal Chapter for $250, and
Batemans Bay RSL Sub Branch for a cheque for $650.

The photos show the pump in operation at the Ban Xai pond (and we know it can fulfil
what is required) and there is a photo of our Australian Site Supervisor, Michael Weibler,
and some local followers admiring the pump.

The Ban Xai Team