Peter Perry

Vietnam Project Coordinator

Peter grew up on a dairy farm in Victoria, Australia, which gave him a broad understanding of animal husbandry, cropping, water capture and supply. He enlisted in the Army to train as a tradesman covering fitting and turning, welding and blacksmithing. Following his apprenticeship, he completed a marine engineer class 3 certificate whist serving with the Army’s Small Ship Squadron.

In 1964, Peter was selected to train as an Army Officer graduating into the Royal Australian Engineer Corp. Following further training in Field Engineering tasks (mine warfare, field defences, etc.) he served as a Combat Engineer Officer in the Vietnam conflict during 1967/8.

Apart from a further 2 year stint in the Combat Engineering (Officer Commanding 18 Field Squadron) Peter’s remaining Military activities were focused on construction works both vertical and horizontal. During the last 4 years he specialised in investigating new facility requests, writing proposals and user requirements followed by implementation of the construction process.

On retiring from the Army in 1980 with the rank of Major, Peter joined a private building company as the General Manager. In 1985, he started my own building company specializing in housing and associated developments.

During his building directorship he participated in the following;

• Executive member of the Housing Industry Association (WA) for 11 years.
• Government appointed member of the Housing Disputes Committee for 6 years.
• Consultant to a large China based vertical construction conglomerate over a 2 year period.

On retirement from the workforce, Peter and his wife lived in central Thailand whilst he assisted a Thai building company (including the workforce) to set an acceptable skill level and develop widely encompassing procedural protocols. 0418959001