Phoukhood District – Red Letter Day


I thought your good friend Geoff might appreciate the attached photos.
His very generous donation paid for 6 kitchen work benches and 18 beds all made by a local “craftsman”, a mattress, blanket, pillow and mosquito net for each bed, drums and dippers for the 2 showers and 2 toilets, floor mats in the 3 kitchens, door mats at each entry, broom and pan in each living area, and a mop and bucket to be shared.
His generosity really has put the finishing touches to a project that everyone involved should feel extremely proud of.

Closure today on two big items – keys for the Dormitory handed over to the Headmaster, and keys to Ban Xai Base handed over to Village Naiban!
An entourage including the District Governor and 5 other officials, plus the Headmaster and the Naiban inspected the Dormitory first, and then the Base.
After signing official paperwork handing back the Base, the Governor made a sincere speech thanking us for our efforts – and also reminding the Headmaster and the Naiban that they had inherited the buildings through the efforts and generosity of MiVAC. Further, that they were now responsible for the buildings (and the contents) and that they should take good care of them.
I guess with  the closure of the Base it is the end of an era for many that came before me. A lot of unfulfilled dreams but I’m sure far more happy memories.
As you already know too well, Lao people aren’t given to displaying a lot of emotion, but I sensed that the Phoukood people were genuinely surprised and pleased when they first walked inside the Dormitory. The cameras were flashing.
Tomorrow Ban Souy Noi!

Terry Moore

Lao Operations Project Manager

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