Water Testing Equipment for Ban Xai


In October 2012, our Volunteer Coordinator, John Pritchard, contacted the Australian Defence Force Health, with a view to determining the type of Field Water Testing Equipment used by Army.

A return call leads John to IDEXX Laboratories. On making contact John was asked to come in for a discussion on our requirements and whilst there, John undertook a presentation on the MiVAC, Ban Xai Project.

Consequently a letter was drafted to IDEXX seeking a donation of some of the equipment. Some three weeks later IDEXX advised that they were sponsoring us for all of the equipment, less consumables.

The equipment is now on its way to Ban Xai and is to be held at the Pkhoud Hospital, where a Lao National Medic will be trained in its use.

Our thanks go out to sponsors such as IDEXX, for without them we could not begin to understand the levels of Ecoli and Coliforms in the local water

Sponsors are the backbone of NGOs, such as MiVAC. So if anyone out there has contacts for obtaining a replacement vehicle, we will gladly accept the leads as we need a dual cab utility to enable us to carry stores and equipment between work sites and Phonsovan Town. Our aged Pajero has called it a day.